Menu Planning Monday- Menu 5

Happy Monday everyone! Have you planned out your menu for the week? Here’s mine;)



Breakfast- 2 eggs in butter, spinach/coconut protein shake- S

Lunch- Mexican Hamburger (leftover from Saturday) Salad w/ feta, veggies and olive oil and vinegar- S

Snack- Chocolate Muffin in a Bowl- FP (THM p. 258)

Dinner- Italian Chicken in a Crockpot w/ Zucchini Noodles- S

Dessert- Thin Mint Shake (I like to add spinach in mine for some extra nutrients;)



Breakfast- Bacon and Spinach Omelette- S

Lunch- Salmon and Green beans (prepared beforehand in mini crockpot)- S

Snack- Lemon Muffin in a Bowl- FP (THM p. 258- replace cocoa w/ van protein powder, use 1/2 juice of lemon or 1/2 tsp. lemon extract), it’s very good w/ a little bit of cream cheese and sweetener frosting;)

Dinner- Fajita Salad– S

Dessert- Double Chocolate Shake- S (Will reveal recipe on Throwdown Thursday;)



Breakfast- Sausage and Eggs- S

Lunch- Chicken Salad w/ olive oil and vinegar- S

Snack- Peanut Butter Muffin in a Bowl- S (THM p. 258- replace cocoa w/ 2 T. peanut flour, make a frosting out of sweetener and cream cheese/ add a few pieces of skinny chocolate on top;)

or I’ll try Jennifer Griffin’s new recipe- Peanut Butter Cake in a Mug (but I’ll replace the lily’s chocolate chips w/ skinny chocolate)



Dinner- Mom’s Enchiladas– S

Dessert- Strawberry Cheesecake Shake- S (recipe to revealed on Throwdown Thursday;)



Breakfast- 1/4 c. cooked oatmeal w/ 1/2 apple, cinnamon, Peanut flour and 1/4 banana smoothie- E

Lunch- Cobb Salad- S

Snack- Veggies and humus- FP

Dinner- Chicken Curry– S

Dessert- Frozen Yogurt Pops- FP



Breakfast- Repeat from Thursday

Lunch- Waldorf Salad- E

Snack- Cottage Cheese and Strawberries w/ ff whipped cream- E

Dinner- Speedy Thin Crust- S

Dessert- Coconut Crack bars– S

coconut bars



Breakfast- French Toast w/ 1 T. polaner’s jam, applesauce and egg whites and salsa

Lunch- Leftover pizza-S

Snack- Joseph’s pita chips/ salsa/ cottage cheese- E

Dinner- Meatloaf/ Macafoni- S

Dessert- Tummy Tucking Ice Cream- S



Breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls (E) or I might try this Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake recipe (S)- We’re so deprived as THMers hugh?;)

Lunch- Leftover Meatloaf in a Joseph’s pita w/ feta cheese, spinach, and mustard

Snack- Cheese Stick, Clementine- FP

Dinner- Chocolate Waffles/ Protein Shake w/ spinach


What’s on your menu for the week?


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