Tasty Thursday- Rum and Cherry GGMS

I’ve been busy this week with my part-time job, so Mom generously consented to coming up with a recipe for Tasty Thursday. Thanks Mom!!!

This is from Jo (aka Mom):

Since starting my THM journey back in November 2013, I kept reading about GGMS and how so many THMers love it. I finally learned that it stood for “Good Girl Moonshine”, and was usually made with natural apple cider. I had no desire to try it. So I stayed with my tasty amazing THM shakes and frappes. Then I heard about a THM drink called “Singing Canary”. I liked the name so I thought I’d try it. WOW!! At first I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not; and as I kept sipping I decided I kind of loved it, and made it almost daily. I kept seeing more posts about GGMS…a tropical one grabbed my attention. I tried it and loved it immediately! Since then I have been experimenting with a lot of different flavors. I’ve been making one mid-morning in my quart jar filled with ice; and as I sip it down, I add more water. The drink, of course gets more watered down but still has a lovely flavor; and I am drinking a lot mire water these days. I know ginger is sometimes added (my hubby likes it that way), but I mostly like:

2T vinegar, 1T lemon juice, liquid stevia to taste, a different mix of extracts – rum and cherry is yummy too-water and lots of ice. It’s so fun experimenting with all the different flavors! I still love my “Singing Canary”; now I have more to enjoy during those hot summer days 😉

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