Menu Planning Monday- I’m back!

I am so sorry it’s been such a long time. I had some ongoing health issues and am now pregnant and after getting through my first trimester, I’m finally feeling like myself again. I am excited that I have the energy to blog again and hopefully I can help you along your THM journey. Please feel free to share your successes and tips and ask questions.

Sticking with tradition, I’m starting up again with Menu Planning Monday, so here is what’s tenatively on the menu. Just FYI, anything that is highlighted is a link to a recipe 😉 Also, I tend to eat more E meals because I’m preggo, so adjust according to your individual needs.


Oatmeal, diced apples, cinnamon, almond milk, 1 or 2 tsp. PB- E

Ezekiel bread French Toast w/ applesauce and fat free reddi whip, egg white scramble- E

Fried Eggs, bacon, strawberries- S



Sweet Potato Chili, apple cinnamon cookies (recipe coming soon!)- E

Chicken, bacon, ranch, low carb wrap with lettuce and tomato, skinny chocolate- S

Cobb Salad, strawberries and cream- S

Warm Chicken Sandwich (THM book) w/ tomatoes, laughing cow cheese, mustard, lettuce on Ezekiel bread , cantaloupe- E



Dreamfields angel hair pasta, spaghetti squash, marinera sauce- green salad w/ olive garden dressing- S

Enchiladas, crudities- S

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup w/ konjac noodles, grilled quesadilla w/ tomatoes- S

Sweet Potatoes, Baked Chicken, and Green Beans- E

Speedy Thin Crust Pizza (THM book)- S

German Pancakes, Eggs– S

Turkey Burgers, Macafoni and Cheese- S



Cottage Cheese and blueberries- FP

Greek  Yogurt w/ TRUE lemon to taste- FP

Apple, String Cheese- E

Nuts, dark chocolate- S


Recipe to try this week- perhaps in place of the macafoni and cheese 😉

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Cassarolle- S


What’s on your menu for the week?



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