Tip Tuesday- Make some on plan Thanksgiving food!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I hope everyone is prepping for your big feasts where you get to spend time with your loved ones and give thanks for the blessings we have :) I love Thanksgiving because I get to see my family from out of town. My mom and sisters and I are going to be busy in the kitchen concocting some yummy THM food- I can’t wait!!

I wanted to give you some THM Thanksgiving options. Even if you are taking the day off, it might be fun to make a recipe or two to add to your menu or take to the house you are celebrating at and then you can have some yummy THM leftovers to eat for the rest of the week guilt free;)

I found this gem on Pinterest with some great ideas and possibilities: 

Here is what I did last year;) I had an E Thanksgiving dinner and then 3 hours later, I had a S Thanksgiving dinner! Yes, I really did and it was SO fun!!
Here is my tentative Thanksgiving menu: (I will probably not make all of this, but it’s good to have ideas and options!)

E meal:

light turkey meat

Gwen’s E rolls

green salad w/ light dressing

Creamless Creamy Veggies- p. 352 in book

sugar free cranberry sauce

sugar free jello w/ diced apples, raspberries and pineapple

Sweet Potato Cassarolle

sugar-free sweet potato crunch - kourafas5/Istockphoto

*To keep it in E territory, use just a sprinkling of pecans to give it a little crunch

apple crisp or apple crumble (p. 338- THM cook book)


*Obviously I will go over my fat allotment for E meals just a smidge, but it’s still better than eating completely off plan in my opinion ;)

S meal: ( 3 hours later;)

dark turkey meat w/ gravy

Green bean cassarolle- (p. 358- old book)

Macafoni and Cheese- (p. 359- old book)

Cheesy cheese rolls


Stuffing- (I used a different recipe last year, but want to try this one this year!)


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Roll


Pumpkin Pie- see recipe for Pumpkin Treat in the old THM book and make a crust using crushed pecans and butter ;)

I also just discovered Mrs. Criddle’s pumpkin cream cake which is one of my new favorites so I may make that instead of the pumpkin roll, decisions, decisions!


What’s on your menu for Thanksgiving?



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