The last 16 in 2016- Joy in the Journey

It’s been a long long while since I’ve written. That is an understatement. It has almost been a year, but here we are.  A lot has happened since. I had my fourth child, a sweet little boy who is now 10 months old. My husband got a new job and we moved cross country when the baby was 3 weeks old. Yes it was absolutely insane timing!! I moved in with my inlaws for 10 weeks and now we are finally settled in a house of our own trying to find our way in a new community. Somewhere in there my blog contracted some viruses and thanks to my tech savvy hubby,  I finally was able to get rid of the viruses and start again. Some of the content was deleted in the process unfortunately, so if you click on a link and it doesn’t work, I apologize in advanced;)

Having said all of that, I have being doing THM pretty religiously since baby was born and am just a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I still am not quite to my ultimate goal, but thanks to THM I only gained 40 pounds this last pregnancy as opposed to the 75+ pounds I gained with my other 3 pregnancies. Wahoo!!! So it has been a lot easier getting the weight off.  I love THM and can’t imagine doing anything else. I never want to go back to counting calories or feeling deprived ever again!

Since my blog is up and running again, I am going to document my THM journey until I get to my goal. I’ve already lost 40 lbs but am not quite to my ultimate goal. This is scary for me, but I’m committed to getting to my goal weight this year! I will share my successes and failures and give tips of what is working for me along the way that will hopefully be of some use to someone out there. I’m excited to start incorporating more new recipes from the new book into my meal plans. Feel free to tag along on this THM journey and I’d love to hear about your successes and struggles as well as you go along your own THM journey.

Week 1:

Weight at the beginning of the week: 153.3

Weight at the end of the week: 152.4

Total Loss: -.9

What I learned about myself this week:

1. I am a grazer. I sabatoge myself by grazing during that witching hour right before dinner. It helps me to have veggies to munch on if I’m really hungry, I
chew some gum, or make a yummy drink. My favorite go to is TRUE raspberry lemonade which I get at Walmart ;) True Raspberry Lemonade - 10 ct

True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade Drink Mix, 10-count (Pack of 6)

2. I do so much better when I exercise. On Monday, my muscles felt like jello and I had zippo energy but I still made it a goal to get through my workout. Right now I am doing Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I do it 3 times a week and of course eat THM, not the diet that’s in the program. I also go to a dance class once a week and ballroom dance with my hubby once a week. Weight training and cardio are a good mix for me.

Favorite Recipes I tried this week:

Creamy Herb Chicken- p. 165 in the new book- My whole family loved it, including my daughter who is definitely my pickiest THM eater!!

Praline Protein bars-p. 391 in the new book- These are awesome and you MUST make them if you like PB! Another bonus is they are a FP dessert so you can enjoy them with any meal!

No bake bars- My whole family LOVED these and my picky THM eater told me I tricked her because she thought they were non THM- WIN for Mom!! These were inspired by Briana Thomas. Here is the link to her no bake bars 

No bake bars- S
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These are one of my families favorites! They are quick and easy to make and you can just leave them in the freezer for a quick and healthy snack ;)
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 16 bars
  • ¼ c. PB
  • ¼ c. butter
  • ¼ c. coconut oil
  • ¼ c. cocoa powder
  • ¼ c. peanut flour
  • 3 heaping T baking blend
  • 1 c. oats
  • ½ c. gentle sweet
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • ½ c. water
  • 1 c. unsweetened coconut flakes
  • ½ dark chocolate bar copped
  • ½ c. chopped pecans
  1. Melt PB, butter, coconut oil in saucepan on medium heat until combined.
  2. Whisk in gentle sweet & vanilla.
  3. Add cocoa, peanut flour, baking blend, & oats and mix with a heat safe spatula until combined, take off heat, Add in coconut flakes. Slowly add in as much water as is needed to make it non crumbly.
  4. Add dark chocolate, & pecans & mix well
  5. Press into a 8x8 pan and slice into 16 bars or roll into 16 balls. Keep in freezer for easy snacking. Stick to 1 for after a meal or 2 for a snack ;)


Skinny Chocolate Custard- This stuff is so yummy!!! For the liquid I used almond milk and the recipe doesn’t say to cook it, but I ended up making the skinny chocolate in a saucepan, heating up the liquid in the micro and adding the egg yolks to that, and then combining it all. I also added a scoop of gelatin and put it in the fridge. It ended up looking like pudding so I could eat it that way or put a scoop in the micro and have it warm with a little bit of whipped cream- OH MY, you’ve got to try it!! And it’s a DEEP S Dessert- DOUBLE WIN!! Here is the recipe : Chocolate Custard 



My Favorite Tips from the week:

1. I like to enjoy my heavy S desserts mid day and have a lighter S dessert after dinner

2. The 5 ways how not to do THM article was awesome and I really related! If you are part of the THM FB groups, you can access it here.

3. The other wonderful gem I found this week was the STUBBORN LOSER’s MENU found on the THM website. It is not as strict as a fuel cylce and had great ideas for meals that will help get the scale moving again. Check out the website here.

Goals for this week:

1. Try 2 new recipes from the book

2. Only have 1 serving of nuts and cheese each day- I can go overboard on those!

3. No heavy S desserts at night

4. Go to bed on time- I’m always hungrier the next day when I don’t go to bed on time!

What are your goals for the week? Have a happy and healthy week and good luck THMing!! Let me know what kinds of tips and tricks you find helpful as well ;)



4 thoughts on “The last 16 in 2016- Joy in the Journey

  1. I am looking forward to following your THM journey. I am about to start mine “full force” next week. I started last week with just breakfasts as I continued reading the book. I also made a few recipes out of the cookbook for suppers. I am a 65-year-old recently retired mother to 2 and grandmother to 6 who has approximately 100 pounds to lose. I am determined to finally do this so that I can have a healthy, enjoyable retirement!

    • Suzanne- I’m so happy for you that you are starting your journey- you will love THM! Starting off slowly is a good idea and then add in more THM meals as your understanding of the program grows. Good luck in your journey and let me know how I can help. hope to hear from you again ;)

  2. Good to see you back on here ~ but, I do understand why you haven’t been! :) You are very encouraging Molly! I was all excited about the Stubborn Losers Menu, but, didn’t realize it was on the paid membership site! :( Oh well ~ continuing with THM with you! :)

  3. Thank you for your kind words Tamara! I’m glad you are following along ;) The website is definitely worth looking into more- it has some wonderful resources & gems if you need some extra help in your THM journey. There are also lots of great blogs out there that are super helpful :)

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