The last 16 in 2016 or size 6- week 3

This week was a little crazy and we had a lot going on. I maintained from last week which is fine but of course I’m anxious to get past this plateau of mine. I have lost 40 lbs since my baby was born almost a year ago so I should say I maintained my 40 lbs weight loss this week ;) That’s not a small thing, right?! We need to celebrate our victories!! I was more conscientious about my serving sizes for desserts so I felt better overall this week. They are so fun, but sometimes I justify eating too many snack bites or cookies just because they’re on plan. Tell me I’m not the only one with that problem!

Favorite Recipes this week:

1. I like to do “themes” for our dinners every night of the week to make meal planning easier. Tuesday is usually Mexican food and we were tired of just plain ol tacos in tortilla shells, so I decided to try to make tortilla bowls and they turned out so yummy! The kids LOVED them too!! They were really easy. I made 2 versions. One just using an upside down muffin tin, and the other putting spraying the bottom of a bowl with non stick spray and then placing the tortilla on top of the upside down bowl with a larger bowl on top. I baked these for roughly 20 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees. Just check and make sure they are crispy enough before you take them out ;)

Here’s the final product- this was my 3 year old son’s (his turned out the best!)

2. I’ve been addicted to Rye Wasa crackers, laughing cow cheese, and tomatoes &/or lean turkey deli meat for an yummy E snack. I eat this all the time now! The crackers taste like triscuts to me. I’m so glad I rediscovered these ;)

Favorite Tips:

1. I was researching more about fueling my body before and after a workout. Did you know you should try and eat 20 grams of protein within an hour after a workout to get the full benefits? It’s also important to have some carbs too. It’s important to have some carbs and protein before a workout as well to fuel your body properly so you can get the most out of your workout. Before my workout, I like to eat some oatmeal with a little protein powder and almond milk in it or some egg whites if I’m really ambitious in the am ;) . Afterwards, I usually have a triple 000 yogurt, or a protein shake and a fruit.

2. I’ve been making my no bake bites and PB cups in my mini muffin pans and I’ve decided it’s the perfect portion for an afternoon snack paired with some veggies and humus or fruit and yogurt ;)

3. Look for Triple 000 yogurt at your local Costco. I was thrilled to see them at mine!!!

Goals for next week:

1. Research more on a weight “set point.” My body is comfortable at this weight which is why I always stall here for a bit. I would like to read about some tips on how to re-adjust my weight set point.

2. I’m not a strict menu planner. I like to write down ideas and then pick and choose what I want to eat from day to day depending on my mood. But this week I did make a chart to indicate the meal fuels I’d like to aim for from day to day. I want to try and follow it this week and see if it helps me ;) I wrote down more E meals for the days that I exercise and then I’m trying to alternate low carb and high carb days based on my activity levels. I’ll let you know how it goes ;)

How was your week? What are your upcoming goals, tips, & tricks??

2 thoughts on “The last 16 in 2016 or size 6- week 3

  1. OK Molly, I am in need of help. I have been seriously on THM since January 1st. I have cheated maybe one meal a week. I lost nothing in January except the usual swelling from the Holidays. I decided to kick my butt into gear and do some Fuel Cycle weeks. I have done it for 2 weeks now and plan to do 2 more. (we are going to hawaii in March) I feel the weight coming off but I am scared to death to weigh because if I don’t go down as much as I think I should then I get discouraged and binge. So I am avoiding the binge by avoiding the scale. I do work out 6 days a week 30 minutes of weights and 60 minutes hard cardio. But I have never lost the way you do. Or maybe I think I should be losing faster. I remember you losing like 2-3 pounds a week. Are you still doing that? Or what should I expect? How much do you lose a week? a month? I really only need about 15 pounds but boy I just can’t seem to get my body to react! Any Ideas? My 40th birthday is next month and I really really want to be at my goal weight by then! My gift to myself. I think I need a coach or something

  2. Hey Becky!! You look amazing to me ;) My weight loss pattern has been that I stay the same for several weeks and then drop 2 1/2-3lbs, so no not 2-3 lbs each week :) If you want me to look at several days of a food journal and/or message me what you’re eating daily I can help you! And I know it’s counterintuitive but ease up on your exercise, give your body a chance to recover. The weight will come off easier if you do!

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