Slim Down for Spring- Week 3

Book Challenge- Read the chapter “The Way to Do it Mama” which gives examples of how to do THM right and wrong and tell me something new you learned;)

Recipe challenge- participate in the chocolate chip cookie throwdown or post a favorite cookie/ dessert recipe of your own;)

Slim Down for Spring: Week 2

Book Challenge- Go through the book and see how many snack ideas appeal to you and write them down- also come up with some on your own- it’s essential to have a list on your fridge to give you quick reminders when you’re hungry;)

Recipe Challenge- Make and post the recipe and possibly the pic of your favorite breakfast (S or E)

Keep working on your PWM’s- Prep, Write in your journal, and Move!

Slim Down for Spring: Week 1 with PWM’s

P- Prepare- set aside a day to shop and a day to plan and prep your meals and snacks- bake a few on plan desserts, cut up veggies, make skinny chocolate, make breakfast burritos or sandwiches, stash some healthy snacks in your car and purse for emergency hunger moments- remember no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan

W- Write in a journal- write down your food and/or how you feel at the end if the day, make notes about your recipes/ meals and the tweaks you might make for next time. My food journal is one of my most helpful tools- I can look back on it and see patterns in my successful weeks or not so successful weeks.

M- move your body!! Enjoy the beautiful creation that is your body! Be grateful you can move, walk, dance, garden, clean your house, jog, ski, swim- whatever movement you enjoy, make a goal to move 3-4 times a week;)

Book assignment for the week- read or re-read the chapters that discuss the different types of women and figure out who you are- are you a drive thru sue or more of a purist? I’m a drive thru sue, FYI;)

These chapters are helpful in understanding the program better and how your particular lifestyle and personality fits with the THM program;)

If you haven’t already, read the S and E chapters as well;)

Recipe challenge- make your favorite S dinner and post the recipe and/or pic.