Fun Friday- Mini Pepper Chicken Nachos, Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Pie

For those of you who missed this recipe, it definitely looks like a FUN recipe to try and much healthier than the version with chips ;)

Mini Pepper Chicken Nachos- S

Food for Thought- Believe in yourself and believe that this will work and it will!!! It’s all about the power of believing. You are worth it!!!

Photo: Just keep going!!

A FUN dessert to try:

chocolate strawberry pie

Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Pie- S- I would make this without the crust to keep it THM friendly ;)


Tip Tuesday- Food Swaps- Cheetos, Reeses PB eggs, Snickers and Butterfinger shakes, tortilla chips

Many of my friends and aquaintances who have not embraced the THM lifestyle have told me that they don’t like not eating whatever they want to eat. First of all, I CAN eat anything I want to eat I just CHOOSE not to eat certain foods that I know will not give me energy or increase my health. But one of the greatest advantages to doing THM is that for most foods you love to eat, there is a good substitute for it.

Here are just a few. Does this look like deprivation to you? I don’t think so;)

Instead of reaching for a snickers bar or butterfinger, have a snickers shake or butterfinger shake- they provide plenty of protein to give you energy and keep you trim;)

Snickers Protein Shake

Does this look heavenly or what?

Easter is coming up, and I’m sure you’re thinking you can’t have those Reeses PB eggs we all love, ok well I love them, but guess again….You can!


Are you craving chips and salsa, instead of the regular old tortilla chips that have oil and corn and leave you feeling less than satisfied, why not try these lime tortilla chips that are light, but still give you the crunch you crave? Want to dip them in salsa or guac? Go for it;) How about dipping them in some homemade queso, be my guest;) Still on plan! Try out the transformer cheese sauce.


Want some cheetos instead? Try out this recipe:


What is one of your favorite healthy “junk” food recipes? My tip for the day is find some that are a good substitute for what you love to eat. You will be much happier this way;) You should be able to enjoy what you eat and feel good doing it!