Tip Tuesday- Staying on plan during vacation and maintaining your weight loss

My handsome hubby and I just got back from our 10 year anniverary trip to Puerto Rico. Our anniverary is actually a few days after Christmas but one of us is always sick, so this was a real treat to actually celebrate it this year! Maybe we’ll permanently change our anniversary celebration date. I digress. Anyways, our resort was amazing and we were able to do so many fun things like kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, salsa dancing, and just enjoying being together. We stayed on plan (yes, my hubby follows the Trim Healthy Man lifestlye), the whole time except for splitting one frozen yogurt dessert- that was our one and only cheat, seriously. We did not even have a desire to cheat.  Not only did staying on plan give us the energy to fully enjoy our vacation and all the amazing activities available to us, but for the first time in history, I went on vacation and didn’t gain weight! It was fun and easy to do! I did it by buying and bringing groceries for breakfasts and lunches and choosing S meals when eating out for dinner. My tip for today is, when you go on vacation, with a little planning and forethought, it is totally worth it to stay on plan!

I’ll talk about dinner first. Restaurants are usually very accomodating and will make swaps for you. We swapped out french fries several times for salads and potatoes for zucchini noodles. For dinners, we enjoyed yummy salmon w/ butter and dill sauce over zucchini noodles and greens at the resorts Stingray Cafe, eggplant parmesean and caprese for an appetizer at the fancy Italian restaurant, southwest wraps with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and southwest sauce (I swapped out my own wrap) at the harbor grill, burgers w/ avocado, onion, tomato, lettuce, and mustard w/ salads and no bun at the Seaside Grill, and skirt steak w/ salad and blue cheese dressing at a local Puerto Rican place recommended by our friends called Casa Dante. Does this sound like we were deprived? Not in the least!

Our hotel room only had a small fridge that was barely cooler than the room temperature, so we made do and used our soft cooler filled with ice each night to keep our dairy and meat cold and kept the fruit in the so- called fridge.

For breakfasts, we had greek yogurt w/ pro powder, 1/2 banana, Uncle Sam’s cereal and fresh fruit like watermelon, papaya, mango, or cantaloupe. We also brought oatmeal packets for another option (we figured we could heat up water with the coffee maker), but didn’t end up eating oatmeal. The tropical atmosphere didn’t lend itself to warm oatmeal, and greek yogurt w/ fresh fruit really hit the spot. We did go out for one breakfast and had sausage,bacon, cheese and veggie omelettes. The restaurant gladly swapped out the hashbrowns for a bowl of fruit.

For lunches, we had tuna or ham wraps or pitas w/ nuts, cheese, and veggies and either humus or guacamole oh and 85 % dark chocolate squares.

For snacks we enjoyed PB and celery, nuts, string cheese, and treat squares I made at home from the recipe out of the THM book. I also brought TRUE cherry limeade and raspberry lemonade packets to jazz up our water a bit.

At night, I created random desserts w/ cottage cheese, strawberries (our bag of frozen strawberries stayed fresh enough in our sorry excuse of a refrigerator to last us the week), PB, atkins bars (I tend to use these only for vacations or emergencies), and cocoa almonds. We did split an ice cream treat one time, but THAT WAS IT!

And after eating all of this yummy food, I came home and stepped on the scale and MAINTAINED my weight. Never before in history have I maintained my weight on a vacation. I used to spend my vacations feeling bloated and having little energy because of what I let myself eat. But this time around, I had abundant energy to enjoy all of the fun activities that were available to us. I will never go back to anything else!! If I can do THM this easily on vacation, I know it’s something I can stick to for life!! I know you can do it too!!! Eating THM on vacation truly helped me enjoy it to the fullest and the bonus was being able to fit in my new swimsuit the whole week ;)

Here are some of our vacation pics- we both HATED any pics of us in swimsuits in our Fat days, but now we’re ok with them. I even convinced my hubby to show off his muscles a bit ;) He’d prob kill me if he knew I was posting this, hehe, but I wanted everyone to see that THM can stand for Trim Healthy Man too!!





Here is a list of groceries in case you’re interested:

From Home:

PB packets

Oatmeal packets

Uncle Sam’s cereal (in pre-portioned baggies)

Truvia packets

Turkey Jerky

Joseph’s pitas

Low Carb Tortillas

Atkins Bars

True Limeade or Lemonade packets

100 cal nut packs (I like the cocoa and cinnamon ones sweetened w/ Splenda- I know Splenda is not exactly plan approved but occassionally it’s fine and hey it’s vacation;)

Lime and BBQ nuts

Treat Squares or one other THM dessert (37 cal brownies work good too)


Pro Powder

85% Dark Chocolate squares

Soft Cooler (for packing lunches)

Grocery Store on Vacation:

Pre-cut fruit like cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya, mango, apples, or whatever you like


baby carrots


Snap Peas

Deli Meat

Laughing Cow Cheese

String Cheese

Frozen Strawberries (it’s ok if they defrost in your hotel fridge, they are cheaper than fresh strawberries and last longer ;)




Tuna Packets

Cottage Cheese

Greek Yogurt


Guacomole or avocado Dip

Bottled Water

Paper Bowls

Plastic Cutlery

This is the food we had and we were completely satisified and not wanting for anything ;) What are your favorite THM vacation foods?

Note: Of course if you’re at an all inclusive resort, have breakfast included with your hotel, or just plan on eating out for every meal, simply stick to S foods. Eggs, bacon, and sausage for breakfasts and salads or grilled sandwiches sans bun w/ dressings will be satisfying lunches. Whatever your situation, it is possible and worth it to stick to THM. If you’re going to cheat, choose 1 meal and cheat deliberately and then get right back on track! Who wants to undo all of their hardwork and progress anyways? ;) I have faith in you, you can do it!

Tip Tuesday- On the Go! What to pack for a trip

When heading out for a trip sometimes it’s intimidating knowing what to bring with you. Here are some ideas that worked well for me.

I went out of town to run the Ragnar Key West in Florida and this is what I brought:


Plain Oatmeal Packets, Squeezable Applesauce, Stevia Packets, clementines

Hot cocoa measured out in baggies

Already made pumpkin and/or chocolate waffles – they had sugar free syrup at the hotel, but could bring some of your own- also look for boiled eggs or scrambled eggs and sausage or bacon if staying at a hotel

(it depends how much prep you want to do but I took waffles on a 4 day trip and ate them the whole time;)

Pre-made THM donuts, indiv plain greek yogurt cups w/ homemade granola


Nuts, cheese sticks, LC cheese and wasa crackers, re packaged veggies- green beans, carrots, celery, natural to go Pb, quest bars or Atkins for emergencies only, protein powder in baggies, small indiv. boxed almond milk,  beef jerky


Deli meat, low carb tortillas, humus on the go and pre packaged veggies, Greek Yogurt sweetened w/ TRUE lemon packets


If you eat out, order meat, veggies and creamy dressings- bunless burgers, steak, a salad w ranch, green beans w/ butter, fajitas with the works minus tortillas (unless you bring your own;)- you can do it!!!


Bring some on plan desserts too- and a stash of 85% dark chocolate;)

*It was easiest for me to stay in S mode for most of the trip except some E breakfasts and lunches when I ate clementines and my low carb wraps with LC cheese. But for snacks and dinners, I stayed in S mode;) I also allowed myself one cheat meal and it was fun! But because I planned for it, I didn’t go crazy and blow off the whole trip;)

What kinds of foods do you like to pack when you are going on vacation?