What’s Up Wednesday- Taste the THM rainbow

I’ve been thinking about why the THM lifestyle works so well and of course eating whole foods and not eating sugar is a huge part of it, but I was also thinking about the importance of eating different kinds of meals everyday. It is important to have some E meals, some light S meals, some heavier S meals, and some FP meals or snacks throughout the week without doing the same thing everyday because it keeps our metabolism revving and it ensures we are getting all the nutrients we need.

If we eat too many heavy S’s, then our body is getting to much fat, but these heavy S meals are good once in awhile. Because of the fatty foods involved in heavy S meals, they are more calorie dense which is good for our bodies so it doesn’t get complacent and feel like it’s in starvation mode. If we eat light S meals or FP meals all the time this is the danger. E meals are important because our bodies need good wholesome carbs to give it the energy it needs. It’s easy to want to stick with the same thing, but our bodies will respond better if we are always keeping them guessing and although we DO NOT calorie count in THM, when we are constantly switching up the types of meals we eat, we are essentially doing something called calorie zig-zagging- eating more calories one day, less calories the next. If you want to read more about it, you can click on the link below, but don’t get too worked up about the calorie specifics, I just wanted to give you an insight into how it works. I enjoy 1/2 of a whole Speedy Thin Crust Pizza on Friday and usually some tummy tucking ice cream or berry crunch and it’s actually good for my body to be eating more calories one day, but then the next day I usually start with an E breakfast and E lunch and have a lighter S dinner so I’m essentially eating less calories because I’m eating less fat. The great thing is we don’t have to track it (say goodbye to My Fitness Pal!!), we just have to switch up our meals!!

Zig Zagging Calories


The glorious freedom that comes with eating the THM lifestyle is you don’t have to count calories, just listen to what your body needs. If you are more hungry on a certain day, feed your body so you have the energy you need to get through your day. Do not deprive it. If you had a heavy meal the day before, eat lighter for the dayJust remember to TASTE THE THM Rainbow, meaning eat all different kinds of foods and meals to give your body what it needs and to keep it guessing and non-complacent! ;)

What’s Up Wednesday- “Fed Up” documentary and sugar free 10 day challenge

Did you know there is a new documentary out about sugar and how bad it is for you? I haven’t seen it yet, but this is what I know. It discusses how this is the first generation of children that will not outlive their parents because of how unhealthy America has become and how all the hidden sugars and additives in our foods are the culprits. Are you fed up with this nonsense? I certainly am, which is why I try to teach my children all about whole foods like proteins and good carbs and veggies and fruits and how treats are fun “once in awhile” foods. I teach them that if we want to feel and be healthy we need to eat healthy. I’m trying my best to do what I can do at home but I can’t control what happens at school, birthday parties, recreational events, etc. They are fed junk food at social events like that because it is cheaper and because the food industry lies to parents so they think that organic fruit snacks are healthy or whole wheat crackers are a good option. There are unnecessary sugars and additives in these so called health foods and they are not good for our children nor are they good for us. Maybe if we just stop buying these products, the food industry will get a clue. I for one am fed up with the deception! Are you?

View the trailer and decide for yourself. On the website, there is also an opportunity to sign up for the sugar free challenge. You sign up to go sugar free for 10 days, which is super easy in our THM world bc we can still have treats LOL, but you will also receive healthy eating tips and can interact with others who have the desire to be sugar free. Who knows, maybe we can even spread the THM word along ?!!

Without further adieu, here is the website:

Fed Up Movie Homepage

What’s Up Wednesday- THM’s Ezine or online magazine is available

For those of you who are not aware, THM now has an online magazine and you can subscribe to get their updates for Free. It gives you the latest THM news, messages from Pearl and Serene, helpful tips, recipes, success stories and even opportunities to submit your own successes, photos, tips and favorite recipes. There are also links to You Tube Videos and the THM online store ;) Check it out!

Here’s a link, so sign up if you haven’t already!

THM Ezine


What’s up Wednesday- Tweaking recipe mistakes & heavy, deep, and light S explained

For those of you who missed this, here is a great explanation of how tweaking recipes affects the nutritional content. Just because a particular food is on plan, does not mean you can interchange it with another on plan food without thinking about how it might change the nutritional content. From my experience as a THM admin and with my own THM groups, I think the biggest mistake THMers make is using heavier foods or calorie dense foods such as cream, cream cheese, cheese, nuts, etc. too much and wondering why they are not losing weight. These foods are part of what makes THM a fun and yummy way to eat, but they should not be abused and should be seen more as a treat in moderation than as a regular part of your diet. Of course a splash of cream everyday is fine, but eating cheesecake everyday is probably not a great idea.

From the beginner’s, page, here is a great note from one of our Mods, Shannon. Thank you Jennifer Griffin for posting it!!

“What is the best thing about THM? It is all the delicious food of course! And we all love to take these delicious recipes and tweak them to make them our own. This is great and it is how we find foods that our families really love! There are a few recipes however, that, once we tweak them too far, they have strayed from their original purpose. This is not so say you can’t make these changes, you just need to be aware that the recipe may no longer do what it was intended to do.

Let’s take skinny chocolate for example. The “skinny” in skinny chocolate comes from the amazing, metabolism revving properties of the coconut oil. This simple recipe, while tasting fantastic, actually boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight. This is also probably the most tweaked recipe in the book. Some of the tweaks keep it true to its name, some do not. Here are two examples to help you decide if your tweak will keep it “skinny” or not.

Example 1 – keeping it “skinny”
Here you have the addition of some peanut flour, a splash of almond milk and some caramel extract. This will dramatically change the flavor of the chocolate, but it’s skinny, metabolism boosting properties are still in tact.

Example 2 – not keeping it “skinny”
Here you have the addition of peanut butter, heavy cream and some caramel extract. This dramatically changes the flavor, but it also dramatically increases the amount of fat and calories. It therefore lessens the metabolism revving effect of the coconut oil.

Now, both of these recipes would be plan approved in an S setting, but only one is truly Skinny Chocolate. I hope these examples help you as you make decisions in tweaking, not only skinny chocolate, but any recipe you encounter. ”

It is best to not stick with one type of S, especially but to change it up;) Be sure to the difference between light, heavy, and deep S’s. This could make a huge impact on your weight loss efforts. I had to learn this the hard way because I was LOVING my cheese when I first started but I wasn’t losing. It should have been obvious to me that I was eating too much cheese, but it wasn’t until I read the  S E FP Meal Building Block document on the beginner’s page. Go there, find it, and print it off- it is a SUPER helpful document. I posted a link below for convenience ;)

S, E, FP Building Blocks


What’s Up Wednesday- Thoughts on how to get back on track after a holiday

For those of you who missed this on the main THM page, I thought I’d share it here for you to read. Coming off of a holiday can be rough if you enjoyed some off plan Easter treats with your family. I went off plan this Easter a bit, but tried to stick as best I could to my THM candy, baked macafoni, ham w/ cloves and sugar free jam, and baked macafoni;) We had family visiting that we hadn’t seen a very long time and they put together a before dinner passover presentation where we ate bread and figs at a certain time in the reading. I felt like it was something I should participate in, so I did. I also had some of the delicious angel food cake my husband’s cousin brought, again not wanting to be rude. Most of the time, I share my own THM desserts, and feel justified in doing so but in this circumstance, I made an exception. But I didn’t beat myself up about it, I consciously did it, and the next day I jumped right back on plan. Deep S is a lifesaver and really does help you lose any weight you might have gained during the holidays. I love how Pearl advises not to try and starve yourself but to use healthy fats to really fill you up. It works for me and I know it will work for you too;) I’ve already lost the weight I gained on Easter. Think of how far you’ve come and don’t let one slip up discourage you from continuing on your journey. Here is the wonderful post by Pearl:

Feeling Derailed? Getting Back on Track is as Easy as 1… 2… 3…

Let’s get it all out in the open… some of us went right off plan over the Easter weekend. I’m raising my hand. Life happens, while Serene never chooses to eat any off plan foods – I do now and then. If you chose to stick with luscious THM foods over the weekend I am thrilled for you and fiercely proud of you. You determined what your body and mind needed – you stayed the course and I imagine you didn’t even feel a little bit deprived.

The rest of us are going to get back on track and if you’re not sure how to do that, I want to guide you through it in this post. I’m going to give you my three steps back to safety.

1 – First things first – shake off any guilt or shame. Maybe in other years you fudged whatever stringent diet you were doing, ate off plan for a holiday celebration and never got back on due to self loathing. That AIN’T going to happen this time! Trim Healthy Mama is a life time approach, eating off plan treats now and then to celebrate family, faith and life blessings is a mere blip on the radar of your THM journey. . I know the way I ate over the weekend is not the way I will eat for the rest of my life and I’m sure not going to punish myself for it.

2 – Don’t Purge! Holiday feasting is notorious for creating a vicious cycle that I call “Indulge and Purge.” Yes, you need to come back to the THM green pastures, but you don’t need to eat nasty, dry, rabbit food meals to get yourself back on track. I hear this question a lot, “Help, I ate terribly… should I do all Fuel Pulls for a few days?”


Deep S meals like fried eggs in generous amounts of butter are the best ones for getting back on track and all those excess sugars out of your cells. Or get some of that leftover meat, put it on a huge plate of salad and use heaps of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your dressing. Eating too low calorie and denying yourself of fats to try to combat your splurge will only make holiday cravings worse. Remember that fats satisfy. Sure, you can still have your usual amounts of Fuel Pull snacks or enjoy a Fat Stripping Frappa as a meal now and then, but don’t overdo these low calorie items, especially around Holiday seasons. I think that a couple of deep S meals in a row are the best way to do a THM reset (from my own experience).

3 – Enough is enough! This cannot be a whole season of cheating. The freedom THM offers is one thing, but seriously harming your body is another. Don’t give yourself license to spike your blood sugar with off plan foods every day from now until next month. You’ll wake up in May desperate and more apt to make extreme food choices, which will only create another vicious cycle.

But… I know some of you may have trouble jumping right back on the THM wagon after a big splurge meal or two. Old habits of self-sabotage die hard sometimes. You feel like you are on a downward cycle and can’t pull yourself out. In a perfect world, you’d jump right back to your next slimming THM meal which is always only three hours away, but the reality is… getting back on the wagon is hard for you when part of your minds whispers , ‘I can’t stick to anything… might as well eat what I want.” – You feel derailed, you feel like you can’t fight your food past coming back to demolish your health and weight progress.

If this is where you are at I am going to go all Serene on you for a minute. I’d welcome a lecture from her to shake me out of that path of destruction if that is where I was stuck. You are wonderfully made by our creator; you can overcome past bondage with his help and with the knowledge that the foods you get to eat on THM are not boring and nasty. You have a world of scrumptiousness in your future that boosts your health rather than pulls it down. You don’t have to go back to doldrums and deprivation this time.

Take action if the foods that derail you are still calling your name. If they are in your home they go in the trash or they go to a shelter, they do not stay in your house! You don’t want to waste? It is a greater waste of health to continue to eat them and ill health is much more expensive than throwing away a box or two or cookies. You have plenty of incredible THM treats to replace them with. (hoping I was Serene enough here)

So I’m right here with you… walking back to plan. All of our THM journeys are unique. Mine includes liberties to eat things now and then that are normally not part of my food world. Your own journey may not and that is perfectly fine. But that’s the beauty of this plan – it embraces all approaches to food and all styles of women. Hope this encourages you today. – Pearl.

What’s Up Wednesday- Are you a scarfer?

I love this post from Pearl who talks about mindless eating which she refers to as scarfing down food. She says that it’s easy to inhale a couple extra HUNDRED calories a day by not paying attention to the bites and tastes we eat during the day. Yes as THMers we don’t have to count calories, but we still need to be aware of what we are consuming. I for one am guilty of tasting my dinner one too many times as I’m cooking it, or finding the approved canister of nuts and having some or more than some for an appetizer without thinking too much about it. I have also been known to taste my cookie batter one too many times. During my THM journey, I’ve learned to limit those tastes and to go for some veggies to munch on before dinner instead or sip a TRUE cherry limeade while I bake;)I really like how she emphasizes the importance of sitting down for your meal, really enjoying your food, and making mealtime memorable so your mind knows that you’ve eaten. She even suggests doing this for snack time and enjoying a nice warm beverage along with your snack. I have definitely had times when I didn’t eat enough for breakfast and I come home and want to eat anything in the house. I mostly have on plan food in the house, so it’s not always a problem, but I sometimes get in trouble with portion control. Instead of sitting down to my snack or meal, I am cleaning or putting away groceries while snacking. I’m not always perfect about sitting down to eat, but when I do it’s much more satisfying and I end up eating less. I’ve also had to retrain my brain into thinking that I need some skinny chocolate or a treat at my first sign of ravenous hunger. Clearly, I need something more substantial with more nutrients to keep me satisfied. These days, my favorite way to satisfy my hunger cravings is to make a quick salad. I use some pre-washed greens, throw it on a plate, add 1/2 can of chicken, throw on some pre-washed veggies, some feta cheese, a sprinkle of nuts, frozen blueberries, and a few fresh strawberries with vinagrette dressing. I have a meal within minutes! This always satisfies me, and I get something sweet and savory to eat along with all of the nutrients that come in the veggies. I also HAVE to sit down to eat a salad which helps me not be a scarfer. So ask yourself- Are you a scarfer? What kinds of tips and tricks have helped you in this department?

Stop Scarfing!

What’s Up Wednesday- Going Sugar Free

I came across the following article and found it intriguing. The author of the article talks about sugar and how her family challenged themselves to go without it for a whole year. They were allowed one special treat on holidays but that was it. She said the less sugar she ate, the less she desired to eat it and the more sickeningly sweet it tasted. We know that sugar can be addictive and you can almost become numb to how sweet it is if you eat it frequently. I’ve found that since I stopped eating real sugar, other foods taste sweeter to me than they used to. Fruit tastes amazingly sweet and satisfying. I get super excited about a homemade chicken and spinach salad with some beautiful fresh strawberries and blueberries on top and a few almonds- what a treat! Ok, I’m a nerd, I know.  Of course I get super excited about all the yummy THM treats I can make, but I’m able to add less and less sweetener to my THM sweets and I don’t eat as many as I did when I started out. It’s all relative. The less sugar you consume, the more you are satisfied with natural whole foods which is what your body needs the most of ;)

When I have cheated on purpose thinking I’m going to thoroughly enjoy my sugar laden desserts, I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to. They leave me feeling bloated and a little sick to my stomach honestly because they are too sweet. I have thought, I should have just made a THM version of this.

What changes in your palate have you noticed since going sugar free? What have you noticed when you eat sugar after going sugar free if there has ever been such a time;)?

Here’s the article. Have a read:

Going without Sugar For a Year

What’s Up Wednesday- THM is about eating real foods, which is not a fad

Some of my unbelieving friends or doubtful ones have told me they believe THM is just a fad that will go away. Having lived the THM lifestyle since September, I have no doubt that THM is NOT a fad because it’s all about eating healthy, minimally processed whole foods. I feel better and have more energy on THM than I ever have on any other diet or food plan because I’m feeding my body what it needs.

I grew up in the ’90′s when the fat free movement was center stage in the nutrition world. I remember eating fat free chips that would give me horrible stomach cramps and eating sugar free pudding that would do the same because they were sweetened with aspartame. I kept feeling like these foods could not possibly be good for me because of how they made me feel, but I ate them anyways because the media was telling me it was a more healthy way to eat. It turns out I felt like crap eating this way because I was eating crap. Pardon my language, but it’s the best way for me to explain it.

When I did Weight Watchers, which was my go to eating program for a long time and I did lose weight doing it, I could easily cheat the system and not eat the right kinds of foods but still be under my point allotment for the day. This left me feeling hungry and I had lack of energy. THM has given me the food freedom and knowledge I needed to feel my best.

It turns out, fat is my friend and that fat free eating is about the worst thing you can do for your waistline and appetite. It took me this long to learn this, but I’m so grateful I did! The following article, although not specifically about THM,  illustrates the point that the right diet is not a fad but is simply choosing whole foods over processed foods which has sadly become such a main part of our diets. THM teaches us how to do this in a fun, enjoyable way because let’s face it, life is sweeter when you can have your naturally sweetened treats and the real fat doesn’t hurt either;)

Anyways,  have a read!

Science Compared Every Diet and the Winner is Real Food!


Waz Up Wednesday- The Bigger, Sweeter Tastes

My blog is called big taste, trim waist and of course the emphasis is on the big taste of the yummy THM food and how it helps you become more healthy physically, but I also believe in order to have a long term trim waist, or healthy figure, it’s important to seek for a big taste for life! This taste for life becomes bigger and sweeter by having balance, enjoying relationships, appreciating the beauty and goodness of the world, having gratitude for our bodies and the wonderful things they can do, and learning to respect ourselves and the food we consume.

My THM journey has transformed my body and my mind, although my mind had a harder time catching up. I know when I am not taking care of my physical self, I turn inward and stop enjoying the things in life that really make me happy.  Food makes me most happy when I eat it in a healthy, yummy way not in a destructive unhealthy way. When I respect what I am putting into my body and get that under control I can see more clearly the things I need to do to put the rest of my life in order and to experience the biggest, sweetest tastes of life which have nothing to do with food at all.

(ok, let’s be honest chocolate will always make me happy, which is why skinny chocolate was invented!:)

I found this article to be quite enlightening- can’t we all afford to be more happy?

happiness habits


Habits of happy people

What’s Up Wednesday- Lovin’ My Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners

I came across this article about natural sweeteners when I was fairly new at THM and it helped me to know more about the sweeteners I was putting into my body. Sugar is the bad guy here, not these natural sweeteners. I feel good when I eat them and I have constant energy levels all day because I don’t have the normal drops in sugar that come from eating too many carbs and too much sugar. I also feel comfortable feeding them to my children and they don’t have the same mood swings they experience with sugar! We can enjoy yummy desserts together and I don’t have to worry about them derailing my diet, they actually help me to lose weight. It’s a win- win situation! I really can have my cake and eat it too!!! What is your favorite natural sweetener?

These days, my favorites are the liquid stevia bottles that come in dark chocolate and french vanilla flavors. I add them to my hot cocoa or protein shakes and they have such a good flavor and add the perfect amount of sweetness! These flavors are on sale for $1 right now @ !

Check it out:

Liquid Stevia Sale